fat burners

Doing a simple Google- Search of “Fat Burners” will get you infinitely many results. There are tons of advertisements on different sites promising really great results if you use their products to combat the accumulation of fat on the body. However, the most important question to ask before trying them – or prolonging their use, is if they actually work. Are they safe for human consumption? What are their side effects? Are they approved by such authorities as the FDA? Here, we set out to explore these questions.

How They Work

Fat burners allegedly assist the body in “burning fat” through a very simple process. They are metabolism enhancers. Metabolism is the act of breaking down the food reserves in the body, so as to obtain energy from them. Ordinarily, it usually starts by breaking down carbohydrates, followed by fats, and finally, proteins. However, in the case of proteins, this only happens when the person is starving and the muscle tissue has to be broken down to sustain vital processes. It rarely happens.

This implies that the fat burners assist the body breaking down these reserves. The process by which they do this differs from product to the next – and is beyond our scope. The question about their effectiveness still remains: do fat burners actually help burn fat?

But First, Why Are They So Popular?

We live in the age whereby everything, from internet transfers to coffee, is instant. As such, we tend to be conditioned to prefer instant things. People would choose instant gratification over painstaking work, any day. It is a fact of modern life.

With this in mind, we should not be surprised by the popularity of something that promises instant results. When someone hears about a pill that helps them cut down a third of their weight in 21 days, they light up and start having starry eyes about it. They do not stop to ask themselves if it is actually even safe to lose that much weight in such as short span of time.

Dr. Ian Smith actually wrote an article on Time Magazine about this trend. He went on to dismiss the existence of such drugs, the magic pills which burn away fat. His argument, however, is a measured opinion of a cynic who – cannot back up the claims with research data. This brings us to the next point.

Asking Around

Faced with a potential solution to the problem of BMI optimization, one would naturally look for the right balance to start off. As mentioned earlier, different products work differently. It is imperative to look for a professional physician and ask them on what they think about the pill you are about to use to cut weight.

People have used the different fat burners before, and some of them would testify that they work as expected. Some say that they use the pills alongside proper diet and complementary exercise. If you currently use one and feel that it helps you, use it, albeit with healthy discretion.

Fat burners come in all shapes and sizes. Some may work; others could be placebos. All in all, it is strongly advised that you talk with your doctor before starting a weight loss program involving them. Be safe and realize that there is no silver bullet for most things in life – you have got to put some effort first.